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Reinhard Plank - Reinhard Plank Lonely Lapin - Finefolk - 1

Reinhard Plank Lonely Lapin

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An inventive style executed with handmade artisanship by Reinhard Plank. This hat is unique in shape with the brim being wider in front than in back, and the waxed, molded lapin fur felt has a tie dyed effect on the crown.  Color: White / HP Black.

  • 3-inch brim in front, 1-inch brim in back
  • 5.5-inch rounded crown at tallest point
  • irregularities in color are intentional and inherent to the beauty of the piece
  • 23-inch head circumference unisex style

Materials: 100% Waxed Lapin. Made in Italy US / True to size