Susanne Kaufmann

Hand Soap Refill 250mL

$ 40

Developed to reduce packaging waste, prolong the shelf life of the original Hand Soap glass bottles and reduce landfill waste, each refill container is made from 75% post- consumer material and can be recycled after use, making it the line's most environmentally-friendly packaging ever, with 50% less overall impact on the planet.

  • Remove the pump from the original Hand Soap glass bottle.
  • Cut the opening cap of your Hand Soap Refill with scissors and pour the refill into the original glass bottle and re-apply the pump.
  • Do not clean or rinse it as water or cleaning agents may affect the quality of the products.
  • The 250ml glass jar can be used for up to four refills. Due to the high percentage of natural ingredients in the products, care should be taken not to leave the empty glass jar with residue product for too long before refilling.

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