Finefolk offers complimentary alterations by our in house seamstress on all garments purchased in the shop. Additionally, we offer alterations and tailoring for the following prices.

tops, shirts, blouses hem $20-$30

shorten sleeves (no cuff) $15-25

shorten sleeves (with cuff) $20-$35

adjust shoulders (sleeveless) $20-$30

adjust shoulders (with sleeves) $45-$70

slim sleeves $20-$30

pants hem $15-$25

slim leg $20-$45

adjust waist $25-$50

denim hem $15-$25

original hem $20-$30

slim leg $25-$40

adjust waist $25-$45

jackets/coats shorten $30-$90

shorten sleeves $25-$50

shorten sleeves (from shldr) $35-$75

adjust shoulders $80-$150

dresses/skirts hem $30-$50

shorten sleeves (w/ or w/out cuff) $25-$50

adjust shoulder (sleeveless) $20-$30

adjust shoulders (with sleeves) $45-$120

other add/remove zippers/buttons $15-$30

move zipper $50-$75

please email to make an appointment