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M.PATMOS x Finefolk Get Cozy Giveaway



In honor of our M.PATMOS Trunkshow featuring the designer Marcia Patmos in our shop on Saturday December 10th at our Crossroads shop - we are co-sponsoring a giveaway to get you cozy as we move into these cold winter months. The total prize for one lucky winner will be worth over $1000!




One winner will be chosen at random. Winner will be given: one (1) M. PATMOS Mariposa Poncho, one (1) M. PATMOS Jones knit hat and one (1) gift card for Finefolk worth $500. Must be 18 years or older. By entering into the contest you will be subscribed to both M. PATMOS and Finefolk newsletter list. Occasionally, you will receive a newsletter regarding store promotions, new items and deals. One entry per person. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Promotion begins 12/6/2016 and ends 12/13/2016 11.30 PM EST. Winner will be announced week of 12/20/2016.

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They Wear Their Denim Well

Jane Birkin
English actress and singer renowned for her sweet yet sexy beauty as well as her provocative relationship that began in the 60s with the iconic, ironic and awesomely hell-raising French singer Serge Gainsbourg. Naturally, the Hermes Birkin Bag was named after her.

Our version :: the Legion pant by Rachel Comey

Charlotte Gainsbourg
This British-French actress, singer, and muse to fashion designer Nicolas Ghesquiere is the epitome of the cool girl with a low-key style. Born to racy, rule-breaking parents Jane Birken and Serge Gainsbourg, Charlotte takes after them as this generation's iconic, effortless French beauty and talent.

Our version :: the Alison crop in lincoln clean wash by R13

Stella Iishi
Iishi, founder and head designer of the denim-based ‘in-house collective project’ 6397 is the poster lady of effortless (and gorgeous) tomboy style, always cool in classic denim.

Our version :: Baggy jeans in classic vintage wash by 6397

Charlotte Rampling
Style icon and famous French actress Charlotte Rampling has worked an equally alluring look in denim as she has in YSL ‘Le Smoking’ tailleur.

Our version :: Loose Capri jean in dirty faded wash by 6397

Andrea Linett
This former fashion editor (Harper’s Bazaar, Lucky) and author of I Want To Be Her and The Cool Factor is so consistent in her denim-based biker style, she emits cool sartorial fumes, leaving all trend-followers in the dust.

Our version :: Oversized Blazer by 6397

Emmanuel Alt
Cult stylist and Vogue Paris editor-in-chief with a natural, fierce look. Alt's signature style is true French chic. Her uniform: jeans, heels and fitted blazers or leather jackets in a cool, classic palette.

Our version :: Denim Flared pant by Tess Giberson




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A chat with Suk Chai, founder and designer of SCHAI

by Susan Cannon

It’s so nice to see when a designer’s philosophy and aesthetic jive so authentically. This merging clearly shines in Suk Chai's collection, and I think this is what resonates with the women who wear her clothing. Chai employs an edginess and a slight romanticism at the same time, which is a sensibility so needed in the crazy, conflicting world we live. Strong, soft, modern and original is how we perceive SCHAI.

So we’re excited to have Suk Chai in the house this coming weekend, starting with the little fête Friday evening, and during the day spent with us on Saturday.

Suk, we're interested to get inside your head a bit, so we want to ask you a few random questions just for fun, as a lead-in to your visit to FINEFOLK. 

FF-  What makes you curious? 

SUK- Wow, this is a tough question! Anything and everything that I have not seen, touched or tasted myself makes me curious. Anything that feels new to me. I love to be awakened with senses — touch, taste, smell,  etc. 

FF-  Speaking of awakening your senses, what food do you most often crave?

SUK- Depends!  I am craving some salumi and cheese at the moment!!! I was craving good Korean BBQ the other day. I love all types of food.

FF-  What music do you listen to when creating.

SUK- Mostly just house music/beats, but at times I am just jamming through Adele or Amy Winehouse.

FF-  What’s your fragrance, incense, candle scent?

SUK- Sandalwood always gets me. At the moment, I am using Diptique’s Tam Dao, but I am waiting on a cheap Amber scent I just ordered from Amazon. : )

FF-  Knowing you have an affinity for modern architecture, we're curious... who's your favorite architect?

SUK- Frank Lloyd Wright. I just love the way he integrated and balanced the East and West in his structures. 

FF-  What’s your dream destination you’ve not been to yet?

SUK- So many! Greek Islands. Vietnam. Bali. Oaxaca. Africa. Iceland. Belgium…..  

FF-  Is there a special key to how you approach your design process each new season?

SUK- Each collection is inspired by (or is a result of) a certain emotion or lingering feeling/memories that I’ve had for a while. It’s a very personal expression, although the overall collection is always going to have a sense of organic minimalism. 

FF-  Is there a favorite piece you’ve created that stays at the core of all your collections?


SUK- Yes, a shirtdress. This particular season is the Eclipse Artisan Shirtdress. The extra long tie (that you can wrap yourself twice) and the half moon arch of the sleeves are inspired by "Hahn-Bo’k", the Korean traditional dress. You will see a version of a shirtdress in each season, whether in a different color or textile, or a slightly different silhouette.

FF-  If you could choose a new profession with the knowledge that you could not fail, what would it be and why?

SUK- Architect...  only if I knew I couldn’t fail. I think the idea of building space in a way that is not only beautiful but also functional for different lifestyles is quite sexy and empowering. Being a good architect requires an in-depth understanding of mathematics, science and technology in addition to knowledge: the soil, weather, environment, wear/tear of materials... so much beyond the aesthetics. It takes an incredibly multi-talented person to be able to do this well. 

FF-  Your image campaigns are consistently beautiful. How do you approach that process each season?

SUK- Oh, thank you so much!! We have some amazing stylists, hair/make-up artists, photographers and models in Seattle! I work very closely with a local stylist who I bounce ideas during the concept stage for the photo shoot. Then we select the models and photographers and between the photographer, stylist and I, we all share the artistic direction. Then I edit/curate all the images in a way they flow and makes the most sense that goes back to the collection’s essence.

FF-  We have a very modern, intelligent customer who just chose one of your dresses to wear to the White House as a special guest representing the Women’s Foundation. As customers go, she’s sort of our muse. We’re curious to know if you have any muses, and what they’re like.

SUK- I don’t think I have one particular muse. I mean, the “ultimate” muse would a combination of Tilda Swinton, Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara and Ruby Rose. They are all so different in age and aesthetic, but they represent the strong, intelligent, talented women who are very comfortable in their own skin. They are passionate about their art and they challenge themselves, while also involved in the community to keep themselves grounded and “real."  If I didn’t name these actors’ names, this “muse” would probably one of the many women we know — she may be in the arts and design, finance, law, politics, education, community, and/or in the medical field. When I meet this type of women, I have an urge “to dress her”.

FF-  Your collaborative writer Laura Cassidy penned this captivating post on your blog which we’d like to share.

SUK- Fantastic!  I love how Laura captures the essence of what I am feeling at the moment when I am creating a collection. Every time she writes, I get goosebumps and get teary-eyed.  Her writing takes my collection to another level each time. I am so lucky to work with so many amazingly people in Seattle.

"L  E  G  I  O  N "

These days aren’t meant for isolation. Oh, on one hand, we’ve never been better at solitude; how easily we fold into our artificial shells and seal ourselves inside. But as it gets easier and easier to do without human connection, we’re faced with the simple, enduring truth that all alone, we feel less. We create less. We are less. 

“Amid humankind’s technological advances, the world is chaotic and erratic, and more and more we long for harmony, comfort and unity,” says Suk Chai as she anticipates her fifth season with

S C H A I.  The craving is a deeply felt realization as well as an acknowledgment of good fortune and excellent support. She crafted her Fall Winter 2016 collection as an homage to the team effort—to togetherness.

In the line’s rich color signatures—cut to simple shapes in sumptuous cashmeres, crepe, twill and shirting with delicate, minimal details—she sees an army of “humble visionaries” clapping hand over hand and holding tight to the same tow line. Like a family, like a formation, like a childhood pact. Pulling for one another and with one another.

Uniting them all, first and forever, is a shared emotion—but their uniform is a sensation, too:  “A sense of belonging, discipline, mission and perhaps wisdom. When we wear a uniform, we make good choices—we act on behalf of the whole.”

Imagine, for example, a cavalcade in the Kandan dress—the collection includes one in every fabrication; each with an elegant V-neck, raw-edged bell sleeves and an extra-long Karate belt. The efficiency of a shift dress, the power of purity, the evocation of that tow line. Hand over hand over hand.

Legion: the designer’s name for the set that makes up the season’s whole, but more than that, too. The memory of a lost idyll and the belief that we can bring it back tomorrow. Past, present, future.

Mothers, daughters, mentors, partners, cast, crew, clan, community. The weaver, the wearer, the lover, the dreamer. Together we are so much more.

Okay, lovely... thanks Suk... see you tomorrow! 

W i t h   m u c h   g r a t i t u d e ,
S   U  K   

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Variations on a Theme - A Night of Food and Fashion

Variations on a Theme - A Night of Food and Fashion
Saturday, April 16

We presented pieces from our latest Spring/Summer 2016 collections during a seated multi-course dinner by James Beard Award-winning chef Debbie Gold - our intent was to seamlessly combine fashion, food, art, and music into an intimate and relaxed evening celebrating all that is fine.

Dinner by Debbie Gold
Food + Wine pairings by Tony Glamcevski
Styling by Susan Cannon
Art by Peter Warren
Signature cocktails + wine by Julep
Music by DJ Fat Sal

A percentage of the evening's proceeds went to Hope House.

Music Credit::
Brand Nu by SoopaSoul
Jalapeno Records
UK, 2008
Vocals by Nikeya Booker
Written by Danny Bennett and Niyeka Booker

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the ladies of design ranch

by Susan Cannon

We get a bit giddy to be able to share the creative achievements of women we admire. So we decided to shed a little light on the visionary ladies of DESIGN RANCH, an internationally recognized and award-winning design agency who created our special FINEFOLK branding, and uniquely elegant, yet down to earth packaging.

Finefolk owner Leslie Fraley made the right decision in saddling up to their ranch.

I chatted with Design Ranch co-founder Ingred Sidie regarding their process, philosophy, awards, and the inspirations that make each of them tick.

SC - We're always impressed by your creative wizardry: your incredibly diverse range of forward-thinking concepts combined with a modern, uplifting aesthetic. Please give us a brief synopsis of how your agency came about.

IS - Michelle Sonderegger and I started Design Ranch in 1998. We wanted to build a firm that would never compromise on quality of design, and we’ve never wavered from this approach. We look at every project as a design challenge and go above and beyond our clients' expectations. Over the last 18 years we’ve continued to create strategic, yet unexpected, original creative work. Our team of designers is the best in the business, and we are able to draw upon their strengths and our experience for a unique collaboration resulting in success for our clients. 

SC - Design Ranch has garnered some awards for the Finefolk branding campaign. Do fill us in.

IS - Finefolk has been very well received by the advertising and design community. It’s been awarded by AIGA, the Addys; been published in Communication Arts Design Annual, Print Design Annual, How Magazine, and it has been featured in other various design publications and blogs. We are extremely proud of the brand we created for this unique shop + studio. 

SC - Please describe what your process was for creating the brand.

IS - We came up with the FINEFOLK name quickly, but Leslie wasn’t sold at first. We convinced her that is was a perfect fit (no pun intended). We liked the juxtaposition of the name “Fine" because her style is very high-end and modern, yet classic ... the “folk” added that Midwestern approachability. Conceptually the name and the design have a relationship that most people wouldn’t think about, but it’s something that drove our process and is seen in every detail of the brand and materials. 

The design is simple but when you examine the combination of language, forms, papers, printing techniques… you start to see how much thought went into every detail. Sourcing and designing the library of elements was incredibly time consuming, but also is what made it so successful. We punctuated the brand by adding a strong, smart mantra of "WE AR FINEFOLK.” 

Finefolk is an excellent example of the labor of love and the passion our firm has for all aspects of design. 

SC - Can you speak to the connection you guys have aesthetically and philosophically with Leslie and the business she created? 

IS - Leslie has impeccable taste and had a strong vision for the aesthetic of the shop + studio, and brand she wanted to create. We took our cue from her Wabi Sabi style. Her modern sophistication, mixed with our attention to every detail evolved to become the Finefolk brand. 

SC - What designers or items are you each drawn to in the shop? 
IS - The fashion-forward combination and mix of unexpected elements (clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes...) is what excites us about Finefolk. The pieces are stylish yet classic, and will last a lifetime. Leslie has the wonderful ability to curate and combine designers/looks to create personal style for all of her customers. It’s truly a unique experience at every touch point from when you enter the space to when you unwrap your new Finefolk clothes for the first wear. The brand supports the product and the product supports the brand. It’s a full circle of success!


Meet the Design Ranch team below (if you can catch 'em):

Co-founders and creative directors - Ingred Sidie and Michelle Sonderegger. Senior designer - Morgan Stephens. Copy director - Claire Gude.

SC - Lastly, we want to hear from each of you individually about the things that make you tick... in other words, your inspirations, loves... any mind-blowing moments that formed your creativity.

Ingred - Balance is what makes me tick. Having passion for the creative process but allowing time to enjoy my family and friends is what makes my life complete… that and a glass of nice red wine at the end of the day.
Michelle - Barcelona, New Orleans, Palm Springs, Portland; Eva Zeisel, Paul Klee, Joan Miro; Night of the Iguana, Baby Doll, Raise the Red Lantern, The Thin Man; Pina Bausch, Ballet Russe; Slaughterhouse-5, The Tin Drum, The New York Times; Alinea, Cal Pep, music, nature and my mom Ruby.
Morgan - Traveling, fashion, modern art and collaborating with other creatively charged individuals.
Claire - My mom is really the inspiration behind my creativity. Growing up, arts and crafts were our finest form of entertainment. We would go on walks, collect rocks, then go home and "paint" them with water—over and over again as they dried. looking back, that's the perfect illustration of my love for the creative process.
Thank you ladies, and congratulations.

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design greats

A few of our favorite forces of the modernist art and architecture movement are on our minds today. Here's our little homage.


Topping our list is Le Corbusier, whose personal look we love almost as much as his famed Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp, France. To us, it's one of the most interesting architectural wonders of the twentieth century.

Le Corbusier


 STEVEN ALAN Optical Rowe Sunglasses


Le Corbusier's Notre Dame du Haut, Ronchamp




Italian mid-century architect, Carlo Scarpa was undeniably brilliant in his use of graphic details and structures.

Carlo Scarpa



FARIS Dot Drop Earrings


Carlo Scarpa




One of the things we love about abstract expressionist sculptor Louise Nevelson is that she was an early sustainable creator, using found wood for her monochromatic works.

Louise Nevelson


FINEFOLK necklace


We've recently discovered Belgian artist Filip Dujardin, who designs architectural wonders in the digital realm, by creating virtual buildings using Google SketchUp—a 3D modeling tool—and Photoshop.

Filip Dujardin


 SCHAI crossover vest dress

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a delicious dose of inspiration

Things simple, sweet and warm move us on this cold, snowy day: a favorite poem, a beautiful photograph, and delicious poached plums.

This is Just to Say

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

-William Carlos Williams 


Image photographed by Grant Cornett for Gather Journal.

To feel warm and satiated in these frigid temps, we recommend a recipe for warmly served poached plums, via Gather Journal.


serves 6

  • 1 lemon
  • 2 cups water
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • 6 whole cloves
  • 1 star anise
  • 6 firm plums, cut into wedges
  • 1

    Using a peeler, zest the lemon in strips. Add zest and all the remaining ingredients, except the plums to a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil then simmer 5 minutes. Add the plums to the simmering liquid and poach, remaining at a very gentle simmer, until just tender but still keeping their shape, about 10 minutes.

  • 2

    Cool 20 minutes. Squeeze in juice from the lemon. Serve warm. Top, if you like, with Greek yogurt or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

 To buy your copy of Gather Journal, head to Little Freshie - 811 w 17th st, kc mo 64108

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