Thinking about the new year ahead always brings about the need, the desire, and the urge for me to consider a deep house cleaning.

When you own your own business, this includes your work life as well as your personal life because for many of us, they are one and the same.

I am crazy fortunate to have been able to house Finefolk in one of the most amazing and gorgeous spaces in Kansas City. Our Crossroads location brought together so many vibrant, talented, inspiring people in the loveliest ways: creative collaborations, art events, food events, fashion events, after-hours friend gatherings, far-away friend gatherings, pop-ups, art installations, fundraisers, cocktail parties, and my personal favorite: hours of delightful time in the dressing room with our incredible clients who discover a look, a piece of clothing and/or an accessory. In that time and space, perhaps they discover much more; perhaps they rediscover a part of themselves in the mirror and they love what they see - a bit of confidence that may have been just slightly beneath the surface ... and  they are ready to take that feeling home.

The end of this year marks the end of our tenure at 122 Southwest Boulevard.

We must move forward and we must move on to our next reincarnation. However, before we do this we will be hosting several sale events and we hope you can join us!

You can find all the details via emails (if you are on our newsletter list), Instagram and Facebook.

Don’t be shy; call us if you have any questions. There will be snacks & sips & lots of discounts on of all our winter collections.

...and stay tuned, we will be announcing our reincarnation very soon!


Leslie Fraley


December 10, 2019 — leslie fraley