It really is true what they say: you just never know.  You never really know where your life will take you.  If someone gave me a snapshot of my life today 6 years ago, I never would have believed them.  I was on a slightly different path…I’ve been on several paths, come to think of it - somewhat varied paths.  But when I think back on the threads that have connected all the seasons of my life up until now, there are more than a few that shine a light on my today and it all makes sense. 

Yesterday marked the 5th anniversary of the first day of business for Finefolk.  What began as a little seedling of an idea has grown beyond my expectations… and gifted me more than I could have imagined.  Most notably for me are the tremendous connections I have come to truly cherish. 

A couple of Fridays ago, my dear friend Gina Holmberg and I celebrated our work birthdays with our friends, families and clients at the shop.  Gina and I came together as friends first, then business roommates (her beautiful apothecary, Within, is housed within Finefolk).  Working side by side with her has been one of the highlights of this year for me.  A beautiful poet we know composed the loveliest piece about us, our businesses and our love for you, our customer. 

The beauty of the unexpected never ceases to invigorate me and bring me joy.  Around every corner of life is a nugget of possibility and potential - possibilities that just might change everything.  And through it all, via all the myriad of choices we land on everyday, we remain who we are at the core… just a little better, a little smarter, a little more enhanced through our relationships grown out of love - the discovery of the precious threads that connect us all through the giving and receiving of openness and vulnerability & the beauty of who we intrinsically are: kind, generous souls whose sole purpose is to love, connect and create for ourselves and those dear to us a place of peace and acceptance…you just never know.

Every time I read this it gets me.  …and I’ve read it over and over again.  I believe that we are in the business of feeding and nourishing each others dreams and desires.  Through our respective businesses, Gina and I strive to create a place of sanctuary just for you.  Jen has captured our sentiments quite beautifully in her words below.  We hope you’ll take the time to enjoy her magical piece.


Anniversary Poem

by Jen Harris

This is how we make our dreams come true:
listen to the sound of your beating heart,
the way it echoes against a world
wrought with hunger for a respite.

Us too.
we shelter ourselves
in great tenderness
built upon unwavering trust,
fortify our life-altering friendships
with vulnerability,
bond over the crisp bonfire of caretaking in every form
and we create
an arena of peace
For all you fine folk,
wherein we craft within
an apothecary
of sanctuary.

We asked ourselves what we could do
to construct a refuge
elevated by confidence,
reinforced against stigma
by open arms?

A place where you lay your head.
A place where you rest your hands.
A place where you set all those worries

and this is where we landed:

There is no need to change anything about yourself.

Every morning that you wake up and try
you are the best version you have ever been.

There is no body imperfect,
including yours.

We know you’ve spent a lifetime
dividing yourself until so little remains.

We invite you to magnify here,
reclaim your territory and expand like a supernova,
those resilient cosmos,
the way they shimmer unapologetically
in light of catastrophe.

Redefine what it means to be living your best life
by revealing all the facets
that make you both the unstoppable force
and the immovable object.
We know what you have endured
to shine this bright.

We offer a genesis of self-care
for all who seek to find steadiness.

Let us craft for you a new beginning,
one that erects your spine proud like the glorious monument you are.

Allow us to lighten your step,
pad the soles of your heels with reminders of your lovely nature.

Let us hold you in this wellspring
and shower you with
sweet scents and gentle oils and fabrics
as generous and kind as a cotton candy lover.

This is the home where you take up space,
where we offer tools for women
to enhance what they love
and learn to love what they don’t.

Here, we reframe perspectives like children’s artwork,
hang your accomplishments on the fridge,
hang on your every word
- we’re listening,
- we see you working,
every moment of every day.
We understand that every transformation needs a catalyst.
Let us be your conduit of inspiration.

An oasis that replenishes your nurturing nature,
feeds your softness full as a holiday meal.

Let us love you,
as you learn to love yourself.

It’s the least we can offer
after all you’ve done.

November 14, 2018 — leslie fraley