debra smith :: textile artist

by Susan Cannon Anyone who knows Debra Smith would agree that the artist possesses a notably buoyant, uplifting personality, and that her magical energy lingers whenever she leaves a room....
December 10, 2015 — susan cannon

waiting in a dream

lauren manoogian liner coat + nlst cargo harem pant     m patmos cashmere fur jacket   nlst oversized military coat   humanoid large chunky wrap   m patmos cashmere...
October 24, 2015 — susan cannon

fade to black

apiece apart prado chalk dress + reinhard plank emorme grass hat   6397 bathrobe coat + steven alan levit sunglasses + building block fold messenger bag   ulla johnson gia...
October 01, 2015 — susan cannon

raquel allegra q&a

  Raquel, we at Finefolk are big fans of your artistic sensibility and your technical talents...  so are our customers. We want to know how you do it.   F-...
August 27, 2015 — susan cannon

everyday perfection - 6397

  stella ishii's devotion to wardrobe pillars such as the perfect jean, slouchy sweaters and great coats are everyday perfection.          
July 07, 2015 — jackie streiker

to be detached

eclectic and personal, a détacher by Mona Kowalska the new york times article        
July 07, 2015 — jackie streiker

quiet beauty

designer ryan roche...on her own terms the new york times article   
July 07, 2015 — jackie streiker

pure + pristine

an everyday wardrobe necessity, at it's best. so think our customers below :::              

girl in a band

inspiration of the day ::: the incomparable kim gordon   Shop the Inspiration ::       
July 07, 2015 — jackie streiker

simple elegance

the sandal of the season by maryam nassir zadeh read more about her here   
July 07, 2015 — jackie streiker

denim incarnations

via another mag   inspired finefolk:  
May 20, 2015 — leslie fraley