Raquel, we at Finefolk are big fans of your artistic sensibility and your technical talents...  so are our customers. We want to know how you do it.


F- Where and when did designing begin for you? Please give us a peek into your background - did your childhood experiences influence your craft and/or aesthetic now?

R- Some of my earliest memories could suggest that I was literally born with a desire to express myself through clothing. Getting ready for school was always a production. In high school, I would spend my weekends in thrift shops and reworking vintage finds. We were a frugal family and so creativity was a necessity. I was never much into trends, not sure how I escaped that! I think I just wanted to be distinctively me.


F- You’re so adept in skill with your signature shredding you employ in your knitwear and incredible t-shirts. How did that come about, and what does that process entail?

R- Deconstruction, one of the greatest “a-ha” moments in my life. Creative curiosity and love for working with soft vintage t-shirts.  Distressing t-shirts to make them feel more vintage was the entry point for me. First making small holes, then running them like stockings, then more holes and more runs. Eventually, one thing led to another and down the rabbit hole I went. It became an obsession. I would watch old movies and shred tees all day, every day, until I got tendinitis and was literally forced to share my top secret shred invention with my first employee.


F- Then there are your gorgeous tie-dye pieces. Give us a sense of what that process is like.

R- I am from Berkeley so basically tie-dye is in my blood. My process probably looks like play time from the outside. I fill the sinks and dye bowls with dye colors and experiment. I have a very talented artist on my creative team now that works with me to develop all of our dyes, like anything it takes a village.


F- You’re obviously a free spirit, as are the women you dress. Do you have any muses?

R- Of course, I have a million muses! I see them everywhere: on the street, in coffee shops, on beaches, on the dance floor. Real women are my muses.


F- Tell us about your favorite places in the world to travel, and why.

R- Topanga Canyon is currently my favorite place on earth. I just bought a beautiful old A-Frame cabin there for my weekend escaping. It’s 7 minutes from the beach and 7 minutes from my horse (soul mate), Mighty Tuff Spirit. 


F- And if you were to be something other than a clothing designer, what would it be?

R- A horse farmer. I’m getting there...






Thank you so much, Raquel! 

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August 27, 2015 — susan cannon