Shopping for the store is still one of my absolute favorite aspects of owning Finefolk.

And, until this past season, the last time I was in New York for women’s fashion market was February of 2020.  In my little bubble of this world that is the shop, so much has changed…yet, on my recent trip to the city that apparently does sleep now, I was reminded of the reasons I opened the store and why I held on so steadfastly through the many months of uncertainty until the light shone through the clouds that will forever mark us all.

The shop was always meant to be an extension of my love for connection.  As a hyper-sensitively shy child, being a part of enticing and provocative dialogue was always superbly seductive to me.  When coupled with creativity, this dialogue gets really interesting!  And being on the sidelines of these conversations as manifested through designers and their collections can be wildly engaging.

Sharing this joy and inspiration with my customers and cheering these women (and a few men!) on in their intimately personal expressions is so much fun.  And for those who love fashion & design and the craft of it as much as I do, it is like traveling through a gallery in their showrooms, the shop and, finally, your closet. 

Seeing the designers and the collections in person was like falling in love again.  How lucky they are to be able to do what they love…and how lucky I am to be able to share it with you.

So, after this prolonged hiatus, what remains are the friendships and the magic of talent & drive and the giddy excitement of new ideas, new shapes and new ways to dress our lovely bones.

Spring is going to be really terrific…we have so much in store for you this year!

Keep an eye on this space…we promise you won’t be disappointed.

And, finally, my deepest gratitude, as always, for sticking around for the ride and for supporting me and everyone who is part of this little shop in Kansas City.  With every visit and every purchase, you support the dreams of more people than you can possibly imagine.

xo Leslie

March 13, 2023 — leslie fraley