We are so thrilled to be having Marcia Patmos back in the shop for another pop-up trunk show this Saturday, December 2 from 11am to 6pm! This time around, she'll be bringing some of her latest pieces from the M. Patmos F/W & holiday collections AND offering an exclusive, in-store opportunity that Marcia will unveil in our interview below. In addition to this surprise, read on to find out what Marcia's favorite pieces are from the collection in tow and about her recent awards in wool and eco-conscious designs! 

1. Your designs focus on carefully-sourced, natural fabrics and knitwear. What about working with knit/wool initially inspired you?

I love working with knits and handwoven textiles because I can create the exact item I want, because it is 100% custom-made. These pieces are also essentially zero waste because there is nothing cut away, as in the normal sewing process. I love working with natural fiber yarns because they're so beautiful and each takes stitches and drapes differently. Merino wool is more “sturdy" in a certain way, because of the natural crimp in the fiber and really stands up to stitches. Cashmere, alpaca, cotton and silk blends also take stitches nicely, but all in their own particular ways. I love using the natural colors of the yarn – all of the animals come in wonderful natural shades that do not need to be dyed at all. I have also been doing more with vegetable dyes and indigo on the Peruvian cotton, etc. - which has it’s own lovely range of softer color.

Nicole fringed shawl scarf

2. This is your 2nd trunk show at Finefolk! How did you and Leslie meet?

Yes! I am excited to come back! Leslie and I initially met in Brooklyn a few years ago at dinner with our mutual friend, artist and owner of Birdie’s in Kansas City, Peregrine Honig. Leslie and Peregrine were both in town for fall market and Leslie ended up coming to see me for an appointment later on that week and ordering the line that season or the next. 

Leiboweitz double-faced merino wool/cashmere coat

3. What are your favorite pieces you'll be bringing to the trunk show this time around and why?

Some of my favorites are the Peruvian hand knits, like the Nicole fringed shawl scarf, Leiboweitz double-faced merino wool/cashmere coat, Passport blazer and the Cashmere Funnel neck tunic.

I am also bringing something fun and new that we haven’t done before – custom monogramming for the holidays! I have some suggested cashmere styles I sampled as examples: henley, crewneck, cardigan and little mini sachet ornaments that I think it’s perfect for. But it can be done on almost anything. We are working with a super talented New York based artist / textile artist who will be doing them for us.


4. Set the scene for your perfectly curated work space. What music is playing? What's the weather like? What are you snacking on/drinking? Are you alone or amongst others?

Well, the great thing about design is that it can happen anywhere. I have been doing it for so long at this point that most of it just happens in my head and in my sketchbook and laptop. It happens all over the place. I prefer spaces that are quiet, open, light and airy, ideally outside in pleasant weather where I ideally just walked to. In Peru, there was a lovely courtyard where I stayed that had tropical plants and flowers growing all over the place. That was nice. There is a very zen and spacious café near my Dumbo office where I like to work sometimes. They always have nice mellow music. I work at home a lot, which is sunny and light and full of plants. This very minute I am writing you from a friend’s VERY OLD (1600 or 1700’s) farmhouse in Sagaponack. No matter where I am, I subsist on healthy drinks and snacks – good coffee in the AM or not too late into the afternoon, hearty morning smoothies, green juice, matcha lattes or green tea in the afternoon, snacks / light lunches like edamame, miso, nuts, rice cakes or celery and peanut butter.

5. You were awarded the Woolmark Prize in Womenswear in 2015! How did winning this particular award affect your professional life?

It was a great honor and for sure gave a boost in international recognition. I also finally got to visit Australia, which was wonderful. 

(The Five Finalists for the 2018 CFDA + Lexus Fashion* Initiative with Rachel Espersen of Lexus.)

6. You publicly discuss and practice sustainable sourcing and manufacturing for your collections. Why is this conversation important to you and the fashion world today?

I think this is really important for so many reasons – but in a nutshell, it’s better for people (the growers, makers, wearers) and the planet. I am actually newly apart of the 2018 CFDA + Lexus Fashion* Initiative in which 5 designers will do a deep dive into increasing sustainability within their business in many facets. I am excited for a big refresh.

We hope to see you this Saturday from 11-6p!
xx, finefolk team

November 30, 2017 — leslie kinsman